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Our Indian Takeaway Menu Situated at Borough Road there is no denying the fact that Saffron Indian Takeaway will be one new experience as far as quality Indian Takeaway is concerned. They have some of the most amazing and authentic collections of tandoori mixed kebabs, which come with an assortment of superbly cooked chicken pieces, lamb pieces and seekh kebabs. Then they also offer a fantastic collection of tikka masala. This is made from carefully selected chicken and lamb pieces, and the best of coconuts, cream and almonds are used for cooking them in tender heat. They also have mastered the art of offering some of the best rice dishes and the list is quite big and perhaps even breath taking. Whether it is lemon rice, mushroom rice, fried rice, egg rice, or simple vegetable rice, you will be simply bowled over by the aroma and the taste it comes with. Hence it is not surprising when we see dozens of rice lovers from Wirral flocking to Saffron Indian Takeaway. The aroma of cooked rice with the best of ingredients will catch the attention of food lovers from quite a distance. Coupled with this is the fact that they have the best preparations of wheat bread or naan as they are fondly referred to by the Indian Diaspora. Garlic naan, vegetable naan, plain naan, peshwari naan, and chapatti are just a few. 

About Saffron Indian Takeaway

There is no denying the fact that the growth storey of Saffron Indian Takeaway is not a flash in the pan to say the least. It is the result of hard work and more importantly understanding the taste buds and food needs of the Indian community and also many locals who have a special liking for these types of food.

Their success story in Wirral is something which has been talked about for many reasons.

They have well-oiled machinery which ensures that all orders are dispatched within the accepted turnaround times. Further the price at which they offer the products is also something that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Finally the process of converting the ingredients to raw material is also something which needs to be talked about. 

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Find Us In Borough Road Finding us in Tranmere in general and Borough Road in particular will not be a tough job at all. It should not take more than a few minutes locating us using the internet and Google Maps. We are also centrally located making it quite easy for anyone from Wirral to reach us by road.